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Commemorative coin is a legal currency issued by a country to commemorate major events, outstanding figures, places of interest, rare animals and plants, sports events, etc. in international or domestic politics, history and culture. It includes ordinary commemorative coin and precious metal commemorative coin. Quality is refined commonly, it has  collect value.

  • Model Size/Material : H2.20"   W2.20"   Zinc Alloy   / design your own
  • Shipping Information: China(Mainland)    
  • Design:  2D/3D; 1 side/ 2 sides; Customized design
  • Logo:  We offer professional art work to design your logo for free
  • Price:  Your price to follow up your product materials, size and process decisions
  • Design: 2D/3D; 1 side/ 2 sides; Customized design

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