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Custom-made pins for educational institutions,school, university. 

To design processing custom-made lapel pins,free design.

The historical origins of the user can usually be seen from the words used in the mottoes. For example, the words used on the national emblems of African countries often indicate the country of their colonial masters.Compare the old badge, use of language also old, such as the use of the national emblem of Latin, crest tend to show the country, the school is a long history of the "old", but there are clearly history is not long, but with ancient word "gold", such as using Latin on the national emblem of Canada, the founding of the how to calculate will be no more than 200 years history.

  • Model Size/ Material : H2.95"   W1.18"   Zinc Alloy   /  Design your own
  • Shipping Information: China(Mainland)    
  • Design:  2D/3D; 1 side/ 2 sides; Customized design
  • Logo:  We offer professional art work to design your logo for free
  • Price:  Your price to follow up your product materials, size and process decisions

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