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Key chain, also known as key ring.The material that makes key chain is metal, leather, plastic, wood to wait for commonly.This thing is delicate and compact, modelling protean is the daily thing that people carries.A key chain is a decorative object hung on a key ring.

Key chain modelling is various, for instance cartoon modelling, brand modelling, emulation model is waited a moment, material is general be like copper quality, aluminium is made, rubber is made, plastic is made wait a moment, basically be zinc alloy surface plating nickel or rhodium and so on anticorrosive element.Key chain has become a small gift.

  • Model Size/ Material : Gold, silver, metal and much more  /  Design your own size
  • Shipping Information: China(Mainland)    
  • Design: Customized design
  • Logo:  We offer professional art work to design your logo for free
  • Price:  Your price to follow up your product materials, size and process decisions

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