Make Lapel Pins For Business Events | Fund Raising| Stock Pins

Custom lapel pins can be used to decorate various clothing, pants, hats, handbags and all kinds of products that can be worn, so that their products reflect the personalized fashion trend. The Patterns can be printed according to the requirements of the client's design.The shape is round, oval and square or more.
It is one kind of enterprise sets up the product image, the brand promotes the high quality cheap advertisement propaganda material.

  • Model Size/ Material : H1.18"   W1.18"   Zinc Alloy   /  Design your own
  • Shipping Information: China(Mainland)    
  • Design:  2D/3D; 1 side/ 2 sides; Customized design
  • Logo:  We offer professional art work to design your logo for free
  • Price:  Your price to follow up your product materials, size and process decisions

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