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Custom-made badges for police,  Fire, Security , Safety and much more.
Commonly used badges include national badge, police badge, company badge, factory badge, school badge, commemorative badge, medal, etc. If you are targeting at the market for students, then the flashing badge of fashionable type, night badge and printing badge of fashionable pattern are more suitable; if you pursue high-quality badge, then we recommend you to make baking badge. Lacquer badge, imitation enamel badge, Cloisonne badge (real enamel), Cloisonne badge is the best quality badge, but also the highest price badge. Every good badge has a story of its own, and its use is different, mainly for the purposes of commemoration, identity, status, collection and preservation. A badge may also have different uses for different owners.

  • Badges Mall - Build your custom badge lapel pins for police, fire, military,  security, students, teachers, corporates, investigators, organizations, athletes and more. 
  • We provide produce-design-sale service: Mainly serve customers with customized needs of various enterprises.
  • Page price for the case price, not sales. Your price to follow up your product materials, size and process decisions
  • Best custom name tags, name badges for your business, made in china, factory direct, wholesale price. 
  • Free art work & Design: We offer professional art work to design your logo for free
  • FOB Port: China (Mainland)    
  • Design: 2D/3D; 1 side/ 2 sides; Customized design

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