An award is a reward given to individuals and units who have distinguished themselves in a particular field, In particular, it is common in mass touring sports.Sports players win by fair play, and winners are rewarded with certain items from their sponsors.
An award is something given to employees, students, club members, or an organization to recognize their excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. An object, as in a competition, awarded to a winner. It will encourage people to work harder. It still can help people to build their confidence. 
Awards are often include trophiesmedals, certificates, plaques, badgeslapel pins, challenge coins or ribbons.  It is a good way to remember some great moments. And it is the best way to build your team sprite.

What does a marathon medal mean to us?
Marathon running is not only about technology, but also about mindset,Attitude towards running and life. What does marathon medal mean to you?...
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wangjian wangjian
wangjian wangjian
Friday 02nd November 2018

This year, our basketball team won the school's season champion. This trophy is our common pride.Thank you for your quality service. See you next year.

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