Our goal is to serve all of our customers by meeting the ever-growing customization demands and needs of various enterprises. We provide online brand design services to more than 1,000,000 users every year - including: gifts, badges, logo designs, as well as 20 other categories. In addition, we offer research and development for over 200 products that includes design, production, and sales all in one professional service.
A badge is a device or accessory.  it's made of a lot of materials, different color and style. people often use it to reward others or to collect. 
Badges can be made from metal, plastic, leathertextile,rubber, etc., Multi-process manufacturing.
To design processing custom-made badges. With 10 years experience as an industry leader in china, We also have a lot of experience in working with you to create a brand new logo for your team,business,or event. 

Custom Awards, The Best Way To Build Your Team Sprite
build your own awards, trophies, medals, plaques, ribbons and much more. made in china, awards manufacture. Free design....
Why do teams need their own badges? What is the process of customizing your own logo badge?
The badge is the symbol of a team, team sport group or organization.Any well-known group or organization will have its own independent team logo - tea...
Badges Mall
Badge customization manufacturers, design, production integration services, novel style, quality, free design!We provide all kinds of trophies, medals, badges, coins, lapel pins, stickers and much more.
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